Saturday, November 24, 2007

Want my Christmas "Made in USA"

Lately I've become aware of just how many of our consumer goods are "made in China" and subject to serious implications for our health. As a result of the latest round of recalls for finding lead in toys, I have decided to start checking the labels of anything I purchase and only buying those items that are made anywhere else BUT China.

When I mentioned this to a check-out lady the other day at a store, she commented that I wasn't the only one she had heard that sentiment from. So, I'm not alone in this thinking. Will it make any difference? Maybe...if enough of us revolt against goods not made here, but in a cheap out-sourced factory whereby a higher profit margin is more important than consumer safety.

Even some of the high priced designer labels are having their famous goods made by the Chinese. There is an excellent article about this online at the New York Times website.