Friday, February 19, 2010

Anti-Tax Man Controversy

I heard Glenn Beck on the radio yesterday passionately appealing to his listening audience NOT to side with the Austin resident who crashed his plane into the office building housing the IRS there. Apparently, there are more than quite a few people writing on their blogs how they sympathize with his cause and perhaps even his actions. This may be the correct response to such an act of violence, but it doesn't address the underlying anger in the country fueling such things.

Then, I heard another telling us we need to press our Congress to adopt the "Fair Tax", to stop all the hatred and nonsense with the IRS. Congress will NEVER do this. It would take away from the favorite political leverage by either major tax or not to tax.

Since my daughter, Ginny, works just 4 blocks from the IRS office building in Austin, this story hits close to home, for me. We cannot become a nation where we can't be safe from our own citizens who perform acts of terror. It's bad enough to worry about the extremist from the Muslim world, let alone those crazies in this country.

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