Friday, August 31, 2007

Religion and such

I don't usually get into religious subjects on this should be about poodles and things. But, I've been reading some of the blog links posted on my daughter's blog, and since they are atheist folks, I realized that most of their posts made me uncomfortable and I needed to analyze the "why" of these feelings.

Now, I am not a religious nut, so that isn't the "why"....and I'm not an atheist, either. I'm somewhere in-between. I don't believe in the God of the Bible, as such...or any other God of any other formal religion. God is a man-made entity. However, there *is* something in the Universe that creates or directs the order of all things in existence. It is probably an incredible force of physics, understandable only in a future mathematical equation, if that.

If people want to refer to that "force" as a "God", more power to them.

So, back to the "why"....I can't really stand religious fundamentalists, and don't like it when they try to do their missionary work in my direction. But, at the same time, I really don't like it when atheists make fun of them or belittle them for what they believe.
I don't care what either group believes, as long as they leave each to his own.

I also find it very interesting that the atheist I know keep trying to delve into Christianity so if they have this need to constantly understand Christians. Why? Do they need to do this in order to have all their arguments lined up when confronted by them? Whenever I am approached by some zealous Christian, I simply tell them I don't have time to visit with them. I have a reasonable understanding of the history of the Christian religion, but don't feel the necessity to point out to them that their belief began as a "political" effort to control the masses.

So...the "why"...I guess it just boils down to the concept that most religious and non-religious groups are human, and as such, want each to think as they do. This makes me crazy, as I don't care if anyone else thinks as I do. I just wish each philosophical system would tolerate the other.

I think I'll go study up on Quantum Theory!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I spent a day/night at my daughter's (Lynn) new home in the mountains of Southern Colorado about 2 weeks ago. A more remote paradise one cannot imagine. I drove what seemed like a long time up this gravel road that made it's way up the mountain to get to her new place. It's a little rock house, built decades ago, with all the charm one would expect of such a dwelling. She lives there with her husband, Tim, and two children. Tim works at a nearby ranch, and I guess you'd describe him as a "wildlife specialist". One of his job descriptions is to be a guide for hunters that come to the ranch, in search of elk, mainly.

There are many wonderful pics of this place on my other daughter's blog, Under A Leaf With Ginny. She was up there at the same time I was, visiting for a couple of weeks. During her stay she went on long hikes, encountering various hidden beasts, and took some incredible pics of the area.

When you are in a place such as this, the worries and politics of the world seem a million miles away. It's a simple life. When I drove out of there to rejoin my hectic world of showing dogs, I realized why so many people love to live in more remote areas. It is a relief and respite from the usual stresses we face everyday...traffic jams, waiting in line for nearly everything, not enough time for the basics in life, and most of all...forgetting to tell our family how much we love them.

I'll go back soon, this time closer to Winter. I'll get to see it dressed in it's Fall finery and perhaps even wrapped up in a blanket of white!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Who reads this stuff?

I have to admit, I mostly write on this blog for my own cathartic reasons. I don't think anyone reads what I post, but if they do, that's ok. After all, it's a public forum. I was thinking that all the people that keep blogs, they do so because they have thoughts or events or opinions they want to share with others. Not me. I do it to clear my head. Putting it down somehow helps to bring and end to the day. Since I'm not at home very much, it's hard to keep this up all the time. One thing I've noticed. My life is not very glamorous! Even tho I travel all the time, it's all work. Dog shows are hard work for me. Not much glamour involved. I work my rear off for a few minutes in the ring. Strange, huh?

When I die, I wonder what my family and friends will say about me?? "she was crazy to drive all over the country showing dogs" , or "she loved what she did and was good at it"...who knows.

More Heat

We are in the dab smack middle of a huge heat wave. Temps are soaring into the 100+ numbers now through next week. Needless to say, I hate this turn of weather events. This is why I hate August so much. It's that high pressure dome that sets up over the middle of the country that is so stubborn to move out. The upper jet stream is running laterally across the northern tier states, not letting any cool air down out of Canada. I guess we'll suffer along with this until that jet starts to change and become more vertical, allowing low pressure systems to move in and boot this high dome out of here. Probably sometime in Sept. The a/c in the house just can't keep up with this sort of heat. I can tell the difference in the house when it is just a few degrees warmer outside.

I'll be going to Colorado next week. At least it slides down into the 50's at night up there.

Monday, August 6, 2007

One of Mine??

Last night, while driving back home from taking Lee to the rodeo grounds, I turned the corner up to my street and saw several kids walking a white poodle along the way. My first thought was "is it one of mine???" So, knowing I didn't sell one to this family, I stopped to ask questions about this little guy. They were more than happy to tell me all about how they got him. He was given to them this past Friday by another neighbor who had bought him from the local pet shop a few months ago . They were tired of paying for his grooming and upkeep, so they gave him to this other family.

This is EXACTLY why I hate pet shops that sell puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people that buy from these shops RARELY keep what they buy. Why??? Because it is usally an "impulse" buy. These aren't the puppy buyers that have researched breeds or breeders and know what they are getting into. So, after the "cute" puppy stage is over, they get rid of the dog.

Dog ownership is a HUGE responsibility. To care for a dog properly, you must have the money, space and commitment to care for it. The initial investment is just the tip of the iceberg in financial outlay over the life of the dog. Pet shops don't screen for the health background of the puppies' parents. Only the show/hobby breeders do this.

Also, these kids were telling me their mom had paid $1000 for a chihuahua puppy from this pet shop....only to let it roam outside and of course, it was hit by a car and killed. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would anyone pay that much money for a precious little dog, and let it run around and be in danger? (of course, these same people let their kids run around and play in the street constantly).

Thank goodness, the poodle being walked last night wasn't one of mine. At least they had him on a leash (only because they just got him and he won't stay or come when called). He was a cute little boy...and they are bringing him up to my house today for me to groom him. I'm such a sucker.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


August, one of the most disliked months of the entire year (other than Feb.) It's the heat. I am well-known for my complete disdain for being hot. In fact, one of the reasons I left Texas was due to the extreme heat for so many months there. Now, don't get me wrong, it can get hot in Kansas, too. But, it's a different kind of hot...less humidity and more wind. Plus, it cools down more at night due to the altitude and lack of humidity. AND, it doesn't get as hot early in the summer and last as long into the Fall as Texas. Mostly, it can heat up right around July 4 and the really hot days are gone by the end of Aug. So, that's about 5-6 weeks of hot summer, compared to several months in Texas.

Recently, when I was in Texas, it dawned on me why I don't recall being so sensitive to the heat when I was younger. I LIVED in the swimming pool at the country club or at my parent's house!!!!! I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner than just recently, but it was something about a certain smell in the air that day that reminded me of the old days at the pool. As I got older and didn't have time to be a pool bum, the heat got to me. I asked Lee if he remembered those days. He said he did. I'm sure my girls would remember it, too. They spent a lot of time with me in the water, also.

So, that's it. I'll never live in Texas again. Just can't take the heat.

Mattress Toppers and Me

A good night's sleep. There are sooo many people I know who complain about not sleeping at night. (sometimes I'm one of them). A comfortable bed, as far as I'm concerned, it one of the KEY elements to sleeping at night. Since I was suffering from pressure points along my body that ached when I got into bed, I decided a few years ago to purchase one of those "mattress toppers". It did help. Then along came those "memory foam" toppers. It wasn't long before I became aware of how great those were. About 3 weeks ago, I bought one. The increased comfort for me is simply amazing. I don't know if I can ever sleep without one again. It's portable, so I can take the topper with me on the road, to put on those awful motel beds. It's a pain to load and unload it, put it on the bed, etc...but well worth the effort for a night's sleep without pain.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Home repairs

About all I've done since I returned home from the Texas circuit of shows is make arrangements to get broken stuff fixed around the house. Getting someone in such a small town as Dodge City is very hard to find, that is willing to do the small jobs. I did manage after several days to get the flooring fixed right inside the front door. It had basically caved in due to water damage! This older man Lee knows replaced the sub-flooring, and I bought a remnant of linoleum to put down until I can arrange to have the entire floor replaced with laminate.

Next, I dealt with the roofing people...and after many phone calls, one did come out to give me an estimate. I went ahead and told them to do the work, but instead of 1/2 of a roof, he said the entire thing needed replacing, which involved the insurance co. again. It remains to be seen if I'll end up getting the whole thing done or not. I hate dealing with this sort of stuff. But, it is leaking badly when it rains, so something HAS to be done soon!

On my list for further repair is the front door, the washing machine (leaks), and the back bathroom sub-flooring (sinking in under the toilet..more water damage). I wish Lee could do this sort of work, but alas, that isn't happening. I told him if we didn't get that bathroom floor fixed soon, he'd be standing there peeing and suddenly the floor will give way and he'll fall several feet to the ground! He said he looked forward to that event...sheesh!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Medallion and Me

During the annual Dodge City Days each August, the local newspaper sponsors the Medallion Hunt, hiding a commemorative Medallion somewhere in town (publishing clues each day in the paper) and the finder wins $500. Now, I've lived in this town for almost 8 years and NEVER have gone out to find this medallion. That all changed yesterday. Lee called me mid-afternoon and said he just "knew" where it was and would I go look? So, I found myself poking through some very snaky, tall grass on the south side of town, following clues he was giving me over the cell phone. Sheesh! What's more, there was another person looking in the same area, too! I had two separate feelings about that...what if he found it before I did?? and at least one other fool other than I was out there poking around in tall grass!!!!

After about an hour of this nonsense, I told Lee it wasn't in the area, and went home. Later that evening, it was announced that some 12 yr. old kid had found the stupid medallion on the other side of town earlier in the day!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Showing poodles in Texas

I just returned from a very long trek through most of the major Texas cities, showing the poodles at various locations. It was a good trip, as most of the dogs I am showing did their share of winning. For part of the trip, my granddaughter, Sam, went along to help out. I hit the Dallas shows, held at the old Market Hall, on Stemmons Freeway. Then on to the San Antonio shows in downtown, right on the Riverwalk. (I finally rode one of those river boats for the tour, but was unimpressed with the whole thing). Next, was Houston at the huge Reliant arena. Love that showsite, but hate how big it is and how much walking it requires just to go to the bathroom. To wrap up my stay in Texas, was the rather lowly Longview shows. I say lowly, due to the somewhat pitiful showsite. You see, I grade shows mostly on the ease and comfort of each showsite. If the site is well-done, and the parking situation is reasonable, I'll give it pretty high marks. If I have to walk too far to park, or the site is too crowded in the grooming areas, than I might not ever go back.

I guess of all the Texas sites, I'd give the Dallas shows the highest would be Houston, then Longview and lastly, San Antonio. Surprised I'd make SA last on my list? Well, it costs an obscene fortune to park downtown and still have to walk blocks to the showsite. Also, the hotels/motels are horribly expensive anywhere close to the downtown area. I stayed in a Motel 6, which was about 8 blocks from the was the cheapest downtown, yet was a pretty seedy place. Transients were always around all hours of the day/night. Sort of scary, huh?

So, now I'm back home...and grateful for my own bed. I have two wonderful weeks at home before heading back out to the show wars.