Monday, August 6, 2007

One of Mine??

Last night, while driving back home from taking Lee to the rodeo grounds, I turned the corner up to my street and saw several kids walking a white poodle along the way. My first thought was "is it one of mine???" So, knowing I didn't sell one to this family, I stopped to ask questions about this little guy. They were more than happy to tell me all about how they got him. He was given to them this past Friday by another neighbor who had bought him from the local pet shop a few months ago . They were tired of paying for his grooming and upkeep, so they gave him to this other family.

This is EXACTLY why I hate pet shops that sell puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people that buy from these shops RARELY keep what they buy. Why??? Because it is usally an "impulse" buy. These aren't the puppy buyers that have researched breeds or breeders and know what they are getting into. So, after the "cute" puppy stage is over, they get rid of the dog.

Dog ownership is a HUGE responsibility. To care for a dog properly, you must have the money, space and commitment to care for it. The initial investment is just the tip of the iceberg in financial outlay over the life of the dog. Pet shops don't screen for the health background of the puppies' parents. Only the show/hobby breeders do this.

Also, these kids were telling me their mom had paid $1000 for a chihuahua puppy from this pet shop....only to let it roam outside and of course, it was hit by a car and killed. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would anyone pay that much money for a precious little dog, and let it run around and be in danger? (of course, these same people let their kids run around and play in the street constantly).

Thank goodness, the poodle being walked last night wasn't one of mine. At least they had him on a leash (only because they just got him and he won't stay or come when called). He was a cute little boy...and they are bringing him up to my house today for me to groom him. I'm such a sucker.

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