Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I spent a day/night at my daughter's (Lynn) new home in the mountains of Southern Colorado about 2 weeks ago. A more remote paradise one cannot imagine. I drove what seemed like a long time up this gravel road that made it's way up the mountain to get to her new place. It's a little rock house, built decades ago, with all the charm one would expect of such a dwelling. She lives there with her husband, Tim, and two children. Tim works at a nearby ranch, and I guess you'd describe him as a "wildlife specialist". One of his job descriptions is to be a guide for hunters that come to the ranch, in search of elk, mainly.

There are many wonderful pics of this place on my other daughter's blog, Under A Leaf With Ginny. She was up there at the same time I was, visiting for a couple of weeks. During her stay she went on long hikes, encountering various hidden beasts, and took some incredible pics of the area.

When you are in a place such as this, the worries and politics of the world seem a million miles away. It's a simple life. When I drove out of there to rejoin my hectic world of showing dogs, I realized why so many people love to live in more remote areas. It is a relief and respite from the usual stresses we face everyday...traffic jams, waiting in line for nearly everything, not enough time for the basics in life, and most of all...forgetting to tell our family how much we love them.

I'll go back soon, this time closer to Winter. I'll get to see it dressed in it's Fall finery and perhaps even wrapped up in a blanket of white!


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I have seen those photo's. It is a truly magnificent place. I live in a desert so all that green just makes me jealous.
After Ginny's encounters with a bear I have to try and outdo her and wrestle a crocodile ;)

Sharon said...

Bears, both are NUTS!!!!

Try wrestling a poodle when attempting to clipper it's feet for a show!!! NOW THAT's a challenge!!!