Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Medallion and Me

During the annual Dodge City Days each August, the local newspaper sponsors the Medallion Hunt, hiding a commemorative Medallion somewhere in town (publishing clues each day in the paper) and the finder wins $500. Now, I've lived in this town for almost 8 years and NEVER have gone out to find this medallion. That all changed yesterday. Lee called me mid-afternoon and said he just "knew" where it was and would I go look? So, I found myself poking through some very snaky, tall grass on the south side of town, following clues he was giving me over the cell phone. Sheesh! What's more, there was another person looking in the same area, too! I had two separate feelings about that...what if he found it before I did?? and at least one other fool other than I was out there poking around in tall grass!!!!

After about an hour of this nonsense, I told Lee it wasn't in the area, and went home. Later that evening, it was announced that some 12 yr. old kid had found the stupid medallion on the other side of town earlier in the day!!!!!

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