Friday, August 31, 2007

Religion and such

I don't usually get into religious subjects on this should be about poodles and things. But, I've been reading some of the blog links posted on my daughter's blog, and since they are atheist folks, I realized that most of their posts made me uncomfortable and I needed to analyze the "why" of these feelings.

Now, I am not a religious nut, so that isn't the "why"....and I'm not an atheist, either. I'm somewhere in-between. I don't believe in the God of the Bible, as such...or any other God of any other formal religion. God is a man-made entity. However, there *is* something in the Universe that creates or directs the order of all things in existence. It is probably an incredible force of physics, understandable only in a future mathematical equation, if that.

If people want to refer to that "force" as a "God", more power to them.

So, back to the "why"....I can't really stand religious fundamentalists, and don't like it when they try to do their missionary work in my direction. But, at the same time, I really don't like it when atheists make fun of them or belittle them for what they believe.
I don't care what either group believes, as long as they leave each to his own.

I also find it very interesting that the atheist I know keep trying to delve into Christianity so if they have this need to constantly understand Christians. Why? Do they need to do this in order to have all their arguments lined up when confronted by them? Whenever I am approached by some zealous Christian, I simply tell them I don't have time to visit with them. I have a reasonable understanding of the history of the Christian religion, but don't feel the necessity to point out to them that their belief began as a "political" effort to control the masses.

So...the "why"...I guess it just boils down to the concept that most religious and non-religious groups are human, and as such, want each to think as they do. This makes me crazy, as I don't care if anyone else thinks as I do. I just wish each philosophical system would tolerate the other.

I think I'll go study up on Quantum Theory!!!


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


Thanks for posting on my blog. Sorry I took so long to reply. I have just emailed Ginny to get her to pass on an apology, then I found your blog (I thought you only had a website and didn't want to bother you at your business address).

So to relate my personal reasons for delving into Christianity. I have an interest in ancient history - I studied Ancient Mesopotamian history at college so there is one reason.

I have no problem with most Christians, but feel I must act when I see extremists(of any kind)attempting to influence the laws/politics of my country.

I wear Atheist shirts as a source of pride, but don't go running down church isles or disrupting services.

I also enjoy the mental workout from thinkly deeply about these subjects.

Ginny said...

I think most atheists voice their displeasure about Christianity because of the many people out there who use the dogma in not so nice ways...trying to control others, etc...

If Christianity and other religions too for that matter go unchecked, the results could be disastrous for mankind. I'm not talking about really good people who call themselves Christians causing trouble, I'm talking about extremists as the ones causing trouble. People who don't believe in any higher power are often put in a position by people of belief to defend their point, as well as their rights to think what they want.

Sharon said...

Ok, I *do* understand Sean's interest in Ancient History, as it is a fascinating subject! I, too, love the subject...and this does include an understanding of the religions of the world, as nearly all policital issues revolved around and with religious beliefs and groups.

And, I guess I also understand the wearing of an identifying I sometimes wear a t-shirt with poodles on it! lol far as finding it necessary to "witness" my beliefs, or confronting those that don't believe as I do, it just isn't an issue for me. I am not interested in being a political activist, trying to counter-balance the extremist of the world. Maybe I am neglectful in this respect...but I am far too busy with my poodle cult to get involved with anything else:-) And believe me, poodle people can be just as "extremist" and self-involved as any religious group. Thank goodness they don't exert any real global political control(YET!!!!)! lolol

Poodles said...

I don't know, I think we poodle people could take over the world if we really want to. Just think of the hair cuts we could impose upon people! :D

Thanks too for posting on my blog.

I, like Ginny, don't have any problems with most main streams of any relgions. It's the extremists that scare me. It's the people who don't think I am a "good american" because I don't believe like they do. It's the Bin Ladens who want everyone to convert to Islam (by force if necessary) who make me angry and afraid.

I, like Sean, love ancient history, it was studing many different religions and their origins that led me to where I am today.

But for most of the world, I think we should focus on what we have in common, not what is different.

Sharon said...

Oh, I agree with all the comments made by Sean, Poodles, and Ginny.

When I *really* allow myself the time to reflect on our current situation in this world, I'm with Poodles...the extremist scare the hell out of me! There are so MANY of them!!!! If we weren't such a global society now, the Islamist extremist wouldn't be a threat...but now?? A major my opinion. But, I suppose they view US as a major threat, also (our Western culture, et al). I have to admit that I find myself being very cautious when coming into contact with anyone who appears to be Middle Eastern. Isn't that awful? A few years ago, I would not have given it a thought. It's sad, as most of them in this country probably love America, and are here because they *do* love it here.

Our politicians in Washington aren't helping much either, on both sides of the isle. Our govt. is flailing around without much of a real good sense of direction. The Dems say "pull out of Iraq", the Repubs say "if we don't stay, it will be a mistake for the world in the long run". I don't know who is right. I just know that I want SOMEONE to make the right decisions for my grandchildren's future and beyond. I have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that "Rome will fall" again someday. Only, we aren't Rome...I keep telling myself.

Ginny said...

I think all great societies collapse eventually...I just hope it doesn't happen in any of our lifetimes. I don't want any of my kids having kids either so I don't have to worry about my children's children either. Maybe I shouldn't think that way, but it's hard not to in this day and age.