Thursday, September 13, 2007


If there is a God, PLEASE don't allow Hillary to be our next Pres.!!!!! ( I had to say "if there is a God to cover all the bases..that is how much I REALLY don't want her to get elected).

Why, you might ask, do I have such negative feelings about her? First off, I have not liked her since she popped onto the radar when Bill got elected. I almost didn't blame him for all his philandering, being married to HER. She is shrill, annoying, and tries WAY to hard to appear to be in control of herself. I have this sense that underneath she is a seething bitch, and absolute hell to pay if you get on her bad side (remember Travelgate?). I also sense that would not be hard to become (on her bad side). I have known other women like her in my in particular, named Lynn F. back in Ft. Worth. I hated this woman...she was the type of person that was ALWAYS right about everything. Opinionated and shrill...pushy and arrogant...and would go out of her way to make sure you'd pay dearly if you crossed her. Hillary reminds me of Lynn F.

Politically ( and I suspect it would carry over to a personal level if I knew her or met her), this woman would make an equal mess of things as our current Pres. , but only in a different way. Whereas Bill didn't have the stomach for the tough decisions (he could have had Bin Laden but just didn't have it in him to go get him), Hillary would have the moxie, just not the instinct. She reads the people incorrectly, or just doesn't give a damn, or both. Bill understood how to pander to the people, she doesn't.

Hillary is a chameleon, or tries to be....adapting her voice and approach to whatever group of people she is addressing. To me that is scary. You get a different Hillary on the surface, when underneath I know she is out to prove she is right at any cost. Poor Vince Foster found that out.

She is fairly harmless as Senator of New York, but as our Pres. it would be a disaster, so we would have TWO administrations that are disasters in a row. Our country and people deserve much better than that. We just can't handle another Pres. that believes he/she is right ALL the time, to make such awful mistakes in judgment.


Poodles said...

I would love to see a woman president, I just don't think Hillary is the right person for the job.

Just as I would love to warn the republicans who love Mitt Romney to please take a closer look at him before making that choice.

Sharon said...

Mitt Romney isn't even on my radar screen for our next Pres. He won't get far as the race goes on to the primaries.

I wouldn't object to a woman as our Pres. But, at the moment, I can't think of one that I'd like to see fill that office. Certainly NOT Nancy Pelosi. Another shrill, annoying woman.

I would like to see someone who can "lead" with a positive outlook and sensibility. Man or woman. Either Party. Does not matter to me...just SOMEONE who can make the tough decisions, and has a really smart group of advisors helping.

Ginny said...

I have no clue yet who I want to vote for.

Sharon said...

I'm with clue yet...