Saturday, September 15, 2007

This Week Has Been Diastrous

It started out OK on Monday, but has steadily gone downhill from there. I found out I was going to have to put a bitch on a plane from an airport 3 hours from my house on Thurs. As I was already running short on time to prepare for the shows this weekend, I knew this extra added side-trip was going to cost me somewhere. Next, came the tests results. I've been waiting for about 2 weeks for these to come back on a bitch that aborted her puppies 3 weeks ago. Now dogs don't just abort for no reason, so I crossed my fingers that it wasn't anything serious or career ending. The first results came back last week and all were negative. So far, so good. Then the bomb dropped on me this afternoon...the last two tests came back in the 'terrible dept.' Positive for CHV (canine herpes virus) and Pasturella. Of course, I had to call off two breedings I was to do, plus call the breeder in Calif. and tell her NOT to breed the bitch I sent out there. That was a fun phone call to make. My phone never quit ringing once the bad news was told to all parties. I found myself saying over and over "I just don't know the answers to your your vet, maybe he/she will know. By late afternoon, I was suffering an anxiety attack. Hadn't experienced one of those in years.

On top of all that, my William had been mauled by a couple of my other poodles, almost killed the poor old man. I canceled my shows for the weekend so I could stay home and care for him, hoping he would make it. He was nearly dead when I picked him up off of the shock. Only his strong will and my pleading with him not to die on me saved him. His neck was raw meat, bleeding and laid open. He managed to make it through the night and now 3 days later, he is up on his feet, eating and drinking, and even barking a little. He'll make it. But, the stress of that plus the tests results has just about done me in.

I don't know what will happen to my breeding program. I'm taking two more in on Monday for testing to see if they have contracted either infection. I'll know more when those tests come back.

It's been a difficult week.


Ginny said...

Mom that is all so awful! How can things in our lives go downhill so fast? I hope things start to improve with your breeding program. That canine herpes is dreaded stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your other dogs are in the clear.

Sharon said...

I'll know more in a couple of weeks, after more testing and a consult with a Canine Repro Specialist.

I'll post more when I have more info.

I don't know why things go downhill so fast...shit happens.

Poodles said...

The poor pups.