Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Heat

We are in the dab smack middle of a huge heat wave. Temps are soaring into the 100+ numbers now through next week. Needless to say, I hate this turn of weather events. This is why I hate August so much. It's that high pressure dome that sets up over the middle of the country that is so stubborn to move out. The upper jet stream is running laterally across the northern tier states, not letting any cool air down out of Canada. I guess we'll suffer along with this until that jet starts to change and become more vertical, allowing low pressure systems to move in and boot this high dome out of here. Probably sometime in Sept. The a/c in the house just can't keep up with this sort of heat. I can tell the difference in the house when it is just a few degrees warmer outside.

I'll be going to Colorado next week. At least it slides down into the 50's at night up there.

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