Friday, August 3, 2007

Home repairs

About all I've done since I returned home from the Texas circuit of shows is make arrangements to get broken stuff fixed around the house. Getting someone in such a small town as Dodge City is very hard to find, that is willing to do the small jobs. I did manage after several days to get the flooring fixed right inside the front door. It had basically caved in due to water damage! This older man Lee knows replaced the sub-flooring, and I bought a remnant of linoleum to put down until I can arrange to have the entire floor replaced with laminate.

Next, I dealt with the roofing people...and after many phone calls, one did come out to give me an estimate. I went ahead and told them to do the work, but instead of 1/2 of a roof, he said the entire thing needed replacing, which involved the insurance co. again. It remains to be seen if I'll end up getting the whole thing done or not. I hate dealing with this sort of stuff. But, it is leaking badly when it rains, so something HAS to be done soon!

On my list for further repair is the front door, the washing machine (leaks), and the back bathroom sub-flooring (sinking in under the toilet..more water damage). I wish Lee could do this sort of work, but alas, that isn't happening. I told him if we didn't get that bathroom floor fixed soon, he'd be standing there peeing and suddenly the floor will give way and he'll fall several feet to the ground! He said he looked forward to that event...sheesh!

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