Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to blogging- New Year, New Me, New Posts

I guess one needs a place to vent these days, so I decided to go back to my old blog site and start putting my thoughts down once again. This time, I want to have my say on more than just "poodles".

I'll touch on topics other than current events, tho...such as my personal stuff. Yes, I could use FB for this, but I really HATE putting up too much on that site.

First out of the gate today....a few comments on the professor that killed 3 of her colleagues over in Alabama. In the past week, several other incidences have been unearthed involving this woman, Amy Bishop, which are red flags as far as her personality issues go. Let's see, her brother is dead, supposedly by accident, by a gun she was handling; she attacked a woman in an IHOP over a booster seat shortage, was charged and given probation along with an order to attend anger management classes (no follow-up on whether she did or not), a suspect in a mail bomb attempt on a fellow colleague several years ago, and now the shooting of her 3 colleagues last week after learning she wasn't going to be given tenure at her job.
Looking at the police photo when she was booked, I see anger, defiance, and just a hint of a smirk on her face? This woman has been a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off again. I bet her brother's death was no accident. She has skated around the past charges better than most Gold Medal Olympic skaters, avoiding any real punishment for her actions. This time, it took the loss of another three needless deaths to put a stop to her obvious angry outbursts that exceed what is normal under any circumstances.

Now on to another topic: PETA at the Garden. It is scary that they made it to the center of the Best In Show ring without being stopped. PETA members are another segment of society that bear watching for potential violence. Probably most of them are not dangerous, but it is a group that can attract the occasional nutcase that could also turn violent in the name of their "cause". (think about the man on trial and was convicted of murder in Wichita, KS for killing the abortion doctor in his church, stating he did it to put a stop to the killing of innocent children).
While visiting the subject of the surprise there, that the Scottie won. I have no opinion either way on that selection. Scotties aren't my favorite breed, most of them being aggressive biters when I used to groom them.

Things I want to do: paint my bathroom, re-arrange my living room, re-organize my computer workspace, get a new vehicle, TV for the living room....

Guess that's all in my head for now. Next time I'll write about dog shows and their future...maybe.

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