Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Year In the Books

A Brief year in review:

Figured it would be fitting to look back at 2007 on this Eve of 2008...

Came down with pneumonia in Jan. and spent a few days in hospital. Great way to start out the year.

Finished around 10 poodles for clients..maybe a few more. I'd have to really sit down to count them up.

Drove approx. 5ooo miles. Flew to Maryland and back.

Made more money than previous years.

Still no new show vehicle.

Able to afford staying in motels, even nicer ones than the ratty ones.

Met some very cool people along the way.

All in all...a good year. I look forward to being a bit more organized in 2008, with better tools for making life easier. (like my new Garmin Nuvi 350) I hope to find my motor home this year.

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