Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kansas Snow Storm

A HUGE snow storm walloped out area on Friday!!! I'd estimate we got around 10" at my house with Much deeper drifts (in the 2-3 foot range). Of course I don't have any real snowboots, so walking in the stuff is an exercise in futility. I went out yesterday to sweep the snow off of my van and sunk way down into a drift getting to it! BRRRR Snow all up my pant legs and into my shoes. It will take most of the week to melt off. Yuck.

When I was a girl, I used to beg the weatherman for snow down in Texas where I lived, especially around Christmas. A *white* Christmas was my hope every year. (never happened) Now, I wish for the opposite..NO snow! lol

If I had a 4-wheel drive vehicle, I might not mind it as much. But, I don't, and get stuck up here on my hill every time it snows. If I had one of those nifty snowblowers, I wouldn't mind it as much.

This is the ONLY time of year I'd rather be back in Texas.

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