Monday, December 3, 2007

Football Tragedy

I'm a huge football fan. I watch as many games as I have time for, both college and pro games. You'd have to be a slug living under a rock not to be aware of the death of the Redskins Sean Taylor last week, after a home invasion during the night at his home in Miami. Four young men have been arrested and charged with his murder. Two of the young men knew Sean and figured his house would be an easy target, since he'd be up in Maryland playing a game that day. They figured wrong, since he was home with an injury. I don't now why one of them kicked in his bedroom door and fired two shots into the room before fleeing, but one of the shots hit Sean in the upper leg, hitting his femoral artery. He lost massive amounts of blood and died the next day after 7 hours of surgery to try and save his life. His girlfriend and 18 mos. old daughter were also in the bedroom, sleeping when all this occured, and were unhurt.

Yesterday, the Redskins played at their home field and the entire day was an emotional drain on everyone involved, with moving tributes to Sean throughout the day. Afterwards, the entire Redskin organization flew to Miami for his funeral to be held tomorrow. 24

Sean Taylor was a 24 yr. old football player who had his entire life ahead of him. He never guessed that some of the people he knew would target his home for a robbery and end up killing him. It is a a sad fact of life that sometimes one has to be careful of those around us, as it is those very people that can make us a target. I'm sure every sports figure is being extra cautious now as a result of Sean's death.

It makes me sad. When my own home was broken into a few years ago, it was two of my young neighbors that did it.

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