Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Thoughts on the Health Care Bill

Well, it passed. By only 7 votes, but in the 11th hour negotiations with the anti-abortion representatives who were hold-outs on a "yes" vote, Pelosi and Obama managed to come up with an Executive Order, which really has no legislative meaning, to get them to add their "yes" votes and pass this huge mistake.

Why do I feel it is a mistake of "history making proportions"??? For starters, I fear we may look back in a few years and see this as the nail in our financial coffin. We simply cannot afford this major entitlement program on top of paying for two wars, and bailing out the financial sector and the auto industry.

Two of our major entitlement programs are already in the red: Medicare and Soc. Security. Why are we adding on a THIRD, that we cannot fund??? Raising our taxes will not be enough to cover all that this country owes. We will have to BORROW to pay back what we have BORROWED!!!!
What household would responsibly do this: go out and buy a new car when the members of the household just lost their jobs? This is paramount to what Congress just did with this health care bill.

Whoever was advising/pushing Obama to proceed with this legislation was wrong. He should have listened to Rahm, instead of his far left wing progressives. This President made the wrong choice of who to dance with, in this case. Result: Be VERY wary of the very powerful Nancy Pelosi. I lay all the credit to this blow to our countries' future on her doorstep.

What's next? Watch for super inflation in the next few years, a continued loss of jobs, and perhaps even shortages of goods on our shelves, including food supplies. The ONLY sector that will be thriving will be the health care one. It will dominate the GDP. And look who is overseeing it all...yup, the Federal Govt. (who has done such a fine job with the VA, Medicare and Medicaid).

We can only hope that the court challenges will have some effect on this bill, reversing it and forcing Congress to back down. I'm not holding my breath on this, but we can hope.

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