Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NO to this Health Care Bill

I cannot BELIEVE what the Democratic leadership is trying to do to get this bill passed this week!!! Do they take the American people for being stupid, blind, and deaf???? This is a BAD bill. I'm all for health care reform, just not this one. I don't have any health insurance, so you'd think I would be first in line to sign up for this "mandatory" health care??? Nope. I don't want govt. to be telling me MORE about what I do or how my money is spent, then it already does. I don't mind reforming the insurance companies, cutting wasteful spending out of the health care business, or reforming how lawsuits are awarded in malpractice suits. I DO NOT like being told I HAVE to purchase insurance, no matter if they do subsidize me. It goes against my grain.

In addition, it is my understanding that we cannot afford this bill. It costs too much money, and does not even do what it needs to do for people NOW, but 3-10 yrs. down the line.

It is BIG GOVT. the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, way. Let this thing split the Dems. It's about time something shook that party up.

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