Friday, October 26, 2007

Irritating Security "letters"

Why do some people use those irritating security "letters" that one has to type into a form before their comment will be posted to someone's blog??? I hate those things.

I don't use any security moderation for my comments, and no one posts anything on my blog that is terrible.

Maybe, because no one reads my stuff? lol


Ginny said...

I think I have blog comments moderated on my blog, but then that's just because I'm a control freak lol. Actually I've never rejected anyone's post so maybe I should just take that feature off.

Sharon said...

I'm sure some people get "trolls" that post comments on their blogs, but my blog just does not attract anyone like that, nor do I think it will in the future.

I'm glad you are considering taking off your moderation "off". I wish Russell would take those pesky little letters you have to copy "off".! lol

Lynn Kinsey said...

lol, that is too funny. I didn't know there were such letters. I haven't figured out how to get that stupid moderation thing off. I will look into it today. I mean, if you keep up with your blog regularly, you can always delete a rogue post. Good point Mom!

Poodles said...

I used them for a while because I was getting spam comments, stuff for Viagra and penis enlargements.