Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lee's Birthday

No, I'm not talking about Gen. Robt. E. Lee, but my son, Lee Lydick Griffith! We had a small dinner party for him last night at home, with King Ranch Chicken, one of his favs. When asked how old he was going to be today, he replied "23"! lol How funny that someone not even out of his "20's" yet, feels the need to reduce his actual age. Of course, that is fine with me, as it makes ME younger!

This birthday finds him in good shape, with a new job which he likes and makes more moola.

I want to get him a new mattress to replace his 75 yr. old one! Yes, that is right..his mattress is at least 75 yrs. old!!! It belonged to his grandfather when he was a kid. I think it's time it was retired.

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Ginny said...

I hope Lee got my happy birthday message to him...I had to leave a voice mail on his cell phone.