Friday, October 12, 2007

Message Board

I have realized that over the past few weeks, that my blog, and my daughter's blogs have become sort of "message boards" for each other, in that we post what is going on in our lives, therefore, keeping up with each other sans telephone calls, emails that need to be answered, etc.!lolol
So, in that light..

I'm leaving today for Enid, Ok for show, girls...home on Sunday night. I'm carrying 9 poodles. Two of them have the shits. More than you wanted to know?? hahaha I figure if Lynn can tell us she is going to go change a "poopy diaper", I can discuss my dogs' bowel movements!!

Lee received his "Black Knight" costume yesterday in this large box. He tried it all on, and I laughed my arse off!!!! It comes complete with the arm that falls off and this huge sword...he was quite pleased with it!

ok, gotta go get dogs ready to leave or else I won't get outta here.

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Ginny said...

Hope your dog shows went well. I think of my blog as a journal mostly but also a place to socialize with others. Funny how computers have infiltrated our lives the way they have.