Friday, October 5, 2007

Lee and Halloween

When Lee was a baby toddler, I thought it would be so cute to dress him up in one of those "little pumpkin" costumes, you know..the ones that you stuff with tissue paper to plump out with this cute little "leaf hat". Well, he HATED it!!!!!!!!! I took him to a neighbor's Halloween party with his new costume and he sulked the entire time. I had "ruined" him with that darling little pumpkin outfit! For his entire youth, he never would put on another costume. Oh, he would like to go out and get the candy all right, just not attired in some clever outfit.

Then, a few years ago, I was shocked when he started scrounging around on Halloween for some "character" to portray. He would make up a "costume" from whatever he could find around the house. Then a year or so later, he went to second-hand shops to gather his costume stuff. NOW....and this is what slays me....he ORDERED this years costume online and spent HOURS searching for one!!!!!!!!!

He announced a couple of nights ago that he was getting the Black Knight costume from the Monty Python show!!!!! I about peed in my pants!!!!!! What a transformation from this little kid that HATED to "pretend" at Halloween to an all out "costume lover".

He's going to a party in his new costume. I'll have to be sure and get a pic of him...and post it.

The picture above is of Lee one Halloween a few years ago, when he was "Clyde" to his friend "Bonnie". The next pic is of him as a party recently.


Ginny said...

Lee looks great!

Sharon said...

He is very happy right is going along nicely for him. New job is a good one. He is cutting back on his hours at the restaurant, getting more sleep. He gets a Saturday morning off twice a month now..again, getting more rest.
His whole mood and demeanor has lifted quite a bit.

Lynn Kinsey said...

I can't wait to see what he looks like! Happy belated Birthday little brother! Ni!