Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Charlton Heston

Funny, I was thinking about Charlton Heston this past weekend. Not sure why he popped into my mind, but I made a mental note to see if there was any updates on his condition lately. Just so happens when I was in the grocery store today, there was an article on him saying something about his "last days". I thought, OH MY...IS HE DEAD??? Well, after scanning the net, I can't find any news of his death, BUT he is dying, I am certain. He's had Alzeimer's for about 5 years now, or at least since he announced he had symptoms of this disease. The tabloid said he was to the vegetative state now. This isn't official, but is probably true.

He has been one of our finest actors, ever. Who else could have played Moses??? or Ben Hur??? or El Cid????? or countless other larger-than-life characters???

What an awful disease.

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